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How it Works?

Evotech Bot uses OPEN AI's GPT 3.5 to understand and respond to your queries in real-time. Simply type in your request or command, and the bot will provide you with the most accurate and relevant information, making communication easier and more efficient.

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Automatic Account Creation

An account will be created automatically for you when you first message to the bot on WhatsApp.

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Weekly Wonder

Enjoy 7 days of unlimited access to our services, a perfect choice for a quick and convenient experience.

$ 1.99 /7 days

Unlimited messaging

25 image generation

7-days validity

Ideal for short-term usage

Cost-effective solution

No long-term commitment

Fortnight Fantasy

Get the best of both worlds with our 15 days subscription package, take your time to experience our offerings.

$ 3.99 /15 days

Unlimited messaging

50 image generation

15-days validity

A balance of convenience and affordability

Ideal for extended short-term usage

No long-term commitment

Most popular

Monthly Magic

Immerse yourself in a month-long journey with our 1-month subscription package, it's time to enjoy uninterrupted access to all our services.

$ 5.99 /1 month

Unlimited messaging

150 image generation

1-month validity

Optimal choice for a longer-term usage

Economical compared to weekly or daily packages

No long-term commitment

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Experience seamless conversations with ChatGPT, now just a click away! Say hello to your personal language model, and revolutionize the way you communicate.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers for most asked questions!

Yes. Your conversations are private from us. But we need to send the last couple of messages to OpenAI API to increase the context quality of the conversation. Please read their privacy policy to understand the implications of that.

No. We have no relations to OpenAI